Fundraising for SESAW

Helping a local charity

For the second year we are supporting a local and loving charity, SESAW. Based in Leavenheath, Suffolk and Essex Small Animal Welfare (SESAW) is dedicated to the care of sick, injured and abandoned animals. We would love you to fundraise and donate as much money as you can. If you can spare some cash, please click on the button below to donate.

Independent charity

SESAW is an independent charity, dedicated to caring for any abandoned, sick or injured animal, domestic or wild.

Every little helps

We are so proud to be supporting our local SESAW, and we hope you can too! Any amount donated is appreciated.

Part of our team

We rely on SESAW’s volunteers to make this event run like clockwork!

Our donations

For every ticket sold at this years event, we send a donation to SESAW. In 2019 we donated over £1000.